Send to Twitter with image

Drafts has some great actions for creating Twitter threads e.g. Twitter-Splitter, TweetStorm.

But a good tweet includes an image.

How – in Drafts – do I create a Tweet (or better, a Twitter thread) that includes and publishes an image?

(Similar Qs have been posted before but Drafts’ capabilities are growing, almost every week!)

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Sorry, I don’t know much about Twitter-Splitter or TweetStorm.

I have a combination of a Drafts’ action and a Shortcut.
With them I can tweet with images.

You can do it via Shortcuts, but, generally, I’d recommend passing off to your Twitter client app of choice, and attaching an image there before sending. There are links in the Twitter integration guide to one for Twitter, Twitteriffic, and Tweetbot: