Send to Obsidian w/ YAML metadata

Send a draft to Obsidian as a new note with YAML metadata as front matter. The tags, title, and creation date metadata from the draft are carried over to the Obsidian note as front matter. The text of the Draft remains unaltered by this action. The new note appears in the specified Obsidian vault where its vault settings specify new notes go. (Top level by default)

If using iCloud syncing for Drafts and Obsidian, this action works seamlessly across Mac OS and iOS.

Not tested on any older versions than Drafts 27.0.11, Mac OS 11.4, Obsidian 0.12.12 on the desktop and Drafts 27.1, iOS 14.7.1, and Obsidian 1.0.4 on devices.

This has deep origins in a send to Ulysses action, albeit several generations ago. The most recent action which inspired this was from Olivier Spinnler (@OlivierPS)

Some other YAML metadata keys are provided. The YAML keys used here are what I thought would be reasonable meta data for a document, ala PDF or Word. Your needs and mileage may vary. I tried to structure things such that code neophytes can modify this to their liking without too much trouble.

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