Send to Obsidian Action - help with dates / paths


Apologies in advance for the probably basic beginner question

I am using the ‘Send to Obsidian’ action from the Library. After some fiddling I can almost get the action to save the file in the right place, but not quite.

I have set the fileName template tag to
\Library\Fleeting Notes\Daily Notes[[Date]] - I am expecting this to create a file with filename YYYY-MM-DD

What it does is create a file called 'Daily Notes[[date]] in the ‘Fleeting Notes’ folder.

The action log displays:
Opened URL: obsidian://new?vault=MYVAULTNAME&name=%5CLibrary%5CFleeting%20Notes%5CDaily%20Notes%5B%5Bdate%5D%5D&content=

MYVAULTNAME is not a placeholder, it’s my actual vault name, redacted.

Any pointers appreciated - thank you!

Generally speaking, that sounds right…does your action look something like the below?

The only immediate possibility I see is that it looks like you used [[Date]], which is not correct, template tags are case-sensitive, so it would have to be [[date]].

Really sorry, I mistyped my question!

I should have said I have set the fileName template tag to:
\Library\Fleeting Notes\Daily Notes\[[date]] - I am expecting this to create a file with filename YYYY-MM-DD in the Daily Notes folder.

Instead it creates a file named ‘DailyNotes2021-09-15’ in the Fleeting Notes folder

I’m trying to get an .md file called 2021-09-15 in the ‘Daily Notes’ folder.

Thanks (and apologies!)

EDIT - OK it wasn’t me getting it wrong, it was the forum formatting and removing the last /. Have put in code tags now so hopefully clearer

Did you try “/” instead of “”? backslash is not a path separator on iOS/Mac/Unix and would be the proper path separator to use.

Additionally, backslashes are used to escape tags, so putting a backslash directly before a tag, like \[[date]] is saying “ignore this tag”.

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I knew it would be something simple! I was still in windows mode from work.

Very obvious now you’ve said it - thank you!

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