Send to Notebooks action needs tweaking

I use the (excellent) Alfons Schmid Notebooks app and there are a couple of actions to post to it — one just called ‘Notebooks’

It returns an option to post to one of two folders (with buttons for DRAFTS | PERSONAL | SLIPS and I have those exact (u.c.) folders, among others.

The action give an error message that it has generated an invalid URL.

Here’s the script, how should I attempt to improve it?


Could you share the action as you currently have it configured? You can post to the Action Directory as an unlisted action and share the link here. Much easier to troubleshoot if we can see exactly how it’s configured.

On the directory now, called Notebooks Select.

The options on your URL action step are incorrect.

In order to create a valid URL, parameter values must be URL-encoded. Turn on the “Encode Tags” option to let Drafts do that for you. That setting is on by default, but can be disabled for advanced use cases where the action has already done the encoding.

Also, the “Use Safari” option should not be enabled. That is only valid for “http” type web URLs, not app URLs.

I think if you flip those values you should be up and running.

I can’t find the “Use Safari” option. I have corrected/turned on the “Encode tags”. Still returns “Invalid URL action”

I don’t see the Safari option, and to me it looks like the prompt-related tag isn’t being populated when in the URL step.

I put a message step in before the URL, using the same tag, and it populated fine with the data in that, but in the log for the URL, it shows the name of the tag, not the value.

Missed that. Prompt keys are case-sensitive, so you would need to use [[Path_button]] the way you have it configured.

I had already amended for that.


You have [[parent_text]], not [[parent_button]] in the URL template. That prompt has no text input so there’s no text value.

I’ve spotted what I had wrong.

I had been looking at an older error from a test using text. The latest error was being logged correctly, and was actually different to what I posted.

Apparently the true error here was me not looking at the error log times because I was too distracted and trying to do something else at the same time.

A classic multi tasking where I should have mono tasked fail. :confounded: