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Send draft to Flexibits’ Cardhop to be parsed as a new contact or contact action.

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When I install this and go to Drafts, this popup is waiting:

Not Implemented
This type of router activity is not yet supported.

Also, there is no option in the Share menu for Cardhop.



Is there a way make an action that can parse multiple contacts, kinda like the Fantastical 2 action?

Can you also add the script whereby the original draft that was sent to cardhop is either archived or sent to trash?

This is actually a setting you can set on the action yourself after adding. Open “Edit action,” scroll down to “After Success” and change the behavior that you want. You can change the default behavior for each action group as well (I have a “processing” action group that I live in most of the time that deletes a Draft after most of the actions).