Send to bear with my choice of tag


So I predominantly use two separate tags in bear to track notes and I wish to be able to simply start a note in drafts and send it to Bear notes but ensure it has a #tagname in the note. I cannot seem to work out how to do this. I’ve gotten it to send to bear generally but not include my tag name…

Look forward to hearing from you!

Bear actions use URL schemes, and if you want to change the content included. This Save to Bear example action uses a Define Template Tag action step to define the content of the note - which defaults to the Drafts [[body]] tag.

If you wanted that action to always automatically add a particular #tag to the content, you could edit the action and change the template for that first step in the action to something like:



Then it would always send to Bear with the #tag prepended at the beginning of the note.

Is that what you are trying to do?

Thanks! Yes that sound like exactly what I need :slight_smile:

I need to work out how to actually create it now!