Send line to different Draft

I’m collecting my tasks on the fly in a task inbox.

I’d like to process them so that I can run an action on whatever line I’m on that would send that task (line) to another draft.

I was thinking of something like the add to list plus action (prepend). I could tag my various task lists with a task tag so they would appear when I click the send task to draft action. This would allow me a fast way to move my tasks from list to list as required. I could move items into a today list from different lists for items I want to work on today.

Many thanks!

I did add to list plus. I can look at making it an option to only add the current line to a list if you think that would work for you.

There in lies my problem. I don’t know how to alter the script to send a line to another draft.

Apologies, I misread the post!

Yes that would be great please!

I use this action all the time, thank you! Please do add send line to draft if you have time.

I’m still hoping this is possible. I can’t figure out how to send just the current line to an existing Draft and I’m sure it would be very handy to have.

Update: I found the solution in this thread TIP: Append to running lists with the "Add to list" action - #36 by agiletortoise

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