Send an item to Workflowy

I would like to create an action to send a new item to the Workflowy application. I don’t know how to start.

I don’t think Workflowy has a URL scheme or API as far as I know. The app is getting a lot more love and attention these days so perhaps either of these will arrive at some point. Would be nice as Workflowy is great.

Thanks. After looking into Workflowy I came to the same conclusion, but I thought maybe there would be a URL solution. I agree that Workflowy is great, and I hope they do make the necessary changes so I can just fire something off from Drafts.


The closest I’ve come to something for Workflowy is to have an action copy the text I want to the Clipboard and then open up Workflowy in Safari. I have an “Inbox” node in Workflowy that I default to (every node has its own URL). So the action opens the Inbox node, but then I manually create a new entry and paste the Clipboard contents. It works, but isn’t elegant at all.

I’ve been a paid user of Workflowy for 7 years and truly love it for what it does…but their slow dev cycle makes me want to pull my hair out. The ability to send entries via an API or email has been a popular user request for years but the dev blog is more about Chrome plugins than actual app development progress. Honestly, I’ve been seriously considering; it’s like Workflowy on steroids and has options I never knew I wanted. Glad to see another outliner fan though!

I did pay for Workflowy for one of the several years I’ve been using it. However, I didn’t really see any major benefits as a subscriber, so went back to the free level which, to be honest, is sufficient for my needs with 750 edits. I have a very particular use case for it and tend to work just within the Workflowy web platform. Mind you, the iOS apps are still a bag of spanners.