Selecting text iOS overshoots


For some time now, I have found selecting text in a draft on iOS is so ‘fast’ it’s very difficult to control using a finger on the screen of my phone. Selection overshoots in both directions, so selecting a small quantity of text is impossible and would be amusing in a sort of “Tom &Jerry” cartoon sort of way if it wasn’t irritating.

It’s worse if selecting a text on several consecutive lines when there are only a few characters on each line.

I also use Drafts on an iPad 12.5 3rd gen with the equivalent versions of iPadOS and Drafts (stated below) without this problem.

Two questions:-

  1. Have others noticed this?
  2. Is there a work around if it is common?

Using iOS 15 and now 16 on an iPhone 12 mini with all recent versions of Drafts in the last 12 months, so from roughly 31.1.1 up to and including the current version 38.0.1

Thank you!

Drafts does not implement any that alters the iOS text selection system. The editor has a lot of customizations, but the underlying text control is stock iOS, and the selection should behave the same in Drafts as any other app. I’m not noticed any differences in Drafts vs. other apps…but, yes, text select can be a bit fiddly.

The only exception to this is if you have typewriter scrolling enabled, which can somewhat interfere with text selection, but not really in the way you describing.

Do you use other editors with larger text blocks and do not see the same issue there?

Do you have any better luck using the on-keyboard text selection mode? Long-press space bar, tap with a second finger to change mode, then move around on the virtual keyboard.

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How great is the support here?
It’s fantastic!
Yes, it was caused by typewriter scrolling being enabled. Turning it off, which no big deal for me, has fixed this.
FYI, I didn’t have this issue with other apps for any size text block and I hadn’t tried ‘on-keyboard’ text selection mode.
Thank you :blush: