Select multiple lines in Arrange Mode

When swipe to the right in arrange mode, I’ll like to be able to “mark/pin” block/line to apply action only to the marked/pinned blocks/lines.

The use case: extract items from a list to another, copy some items to an email and delete them from the draft, etc.

Currently, swipe right allows to duplicate the block/line; I suggest that this can be the second action.


Really I think a whole breakthrough for the next major version of Drafts is waiting in something like this. New modes of Multi Select + Action.

Maybe Arrange mode is involved, or Select Draft’s grid dialog view.

Like how you can select multiple drafts in the left drafts list, but a way to see far more drafts on screen, and complete drafts at once. Then a way to toggle multiple selected drafts, and then kickoff a bulk action.

Could cut down my processing workflows drastically. Route these 8 drafts into Ulysses at once, tag these 5 in this way, tag these 3 another way, send these 10 to Trello, then archive everything.

I can’t ever really do bulk actions from the current left panel as-is - I need to be able to see the full drafts, ideally in more than one column, to be able to do this confidently.