Select All button on the advanced find

A ‘select all’ button would be great on the advanced find. There is one on each find instance but a select all would allow for the selected data to be used for an action.

I have some regular expressions that work for the advanced find & replace but can’t get working in Actions.

Not sure what you are envisioning, but the editor can only have one text selection at a time.

What I mean to say is, in the ‘Advanced find…’ option, there is ‘Find and Replace’. After the ‘Find’ and ‘Replace’ fields there are buttons for ‘Replace All’ and ‘Find’.

When you enter something in the first field and select the ‘Find’ button, the results appear undernealth. Within each result is a ‘Replace’ and ‘Select’ button. When you press the ‘Select’ button, the search window is removed and returns to the draft with the text from the ‘Find’ field for that result highlighted.

It’s possibly not even possible to achieve, but say I entered a regular expression to highlight all lines containing the text “Key term” in the ‘Find’ field, then pressed the ‘Find’ button, and it returned 54 results, that pressing (a hypothetical) ‘Select All’ button, would return back to the draft with all instances of “Key term” highlighted within the draft.

Then an action saved in the right hand side option panel (that the user created) could be selected, which would do the action on the selected text (eg. create new draft from selected).

I can’t upload a screenshot, but hopefully that makes better sense?

Some of the regular expressions I have that work in the advanced find and replace have been difficult to get working as an action when I want to use the query results to save to a new draft :slight_smile: