Seeking 3rd party scripting help

Hi:) I’m a Drafts user/lover but fairly nontechnical and have recently switched my task management from Todoist to Clickup. Because Clickup doesn’t have powerful task entry automation, I would like to use Drafts to enter tasks into Clickup (which I used a couple of Drafts actions - like ‘add task in Todoist’ - for successfully with Todoist).
I’m seeking someone who could help me with navigating Drafts/Javascript/the Clickup API. Where might I find such a person?Thanks in advance!

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I just emailed ClickUp to try to find their URL scheme. We can see what comes of it.

Initial reply. You could have Drafts send things out to email? They said:

Hey there!

I’ve reached out to my tech team about our URL scheme.

In the meantime, there’s a couple other options you could use.

ClickUp allows users to email in tasks! You can add task names, descriptions, due dates, among other things.

You can find all the details here.

You can also use a Form that you can embed in your own website or use a URL link for.

Forms let you add all the same things that emailing in tasks does, but they also let you create tasks with custom fields and you can build them exactly to your liking!

All the detials for Forms can be found here.

Since ClickUp provides unique email addresses for lists, it would work nicely with Mail action steps set to send in the background.

To get started:

  • Duplicate the default “Mail” action in Drafts (swipe to right on it on iOS, or right-click Mac).
  • Edit the copy, change the name to “Send to Clickup List” (or whatever).
  • Tap on Steps, then the mail step, put the unique email for your Clickup list (see their docs) in the “To” field.
  • Scroll down and enable “Send in Background” (so the Mail window will not pop up).

That should get you a working action that creates a task in the specified list with the first line of the draft as the task name, and remaining text as the notes.

Because it is email-based, I would expect a short delay before the task appears in their user interface to allow for them to receive and process the email.

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thank you so much for looking into this!


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