Second window line length (Drafts Mac)

I’m having trouble with second and subsequent windows on Mac. Each one ends up with a line length larger than the window. The result is the last word of a line being obscured by the scroll bar. It doesn’t matter how large (or small) I make the window, the line length before text wraps in that window is always larger than the window itself.

Can someone please point me to whatever setting will ensure that the line length is the same as the first instance of Drafts (that window wraps correctly). I’ve never had this issue with the iPad version. I’m working on the first draft of a novel and need to be able to open up multiple windows as I work.

Thanks for any help. This is my first Macbook and I’m still adjusting to it.

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Hi @bansama,

I tried reproducing but couldn’t see any issues (per screenshot). As I was typing the line wrapping was working as expected. I also opened the same draft in a new window but everything rendered as expected. Are you able to provide screenshots and more details?

It should not do that, but if you look at your editor preferences for the syntax type you have selected for your draft, you’ll see some options for margins and max line width. I have mine set for Markdown for example to maximise the width, and I don’t get the behaviour you are describing, but perhaps you could try a couple of things:

  1. Posting a screenshot of your syntax settings to see if others can reproduce the issue.
  2. Adjusting those settings, in particular, margin, to see if that can at least workaround your issue.

I’ve experienced this issue many many times. Usually but not exclusively when the screen size is changed with the app Magnet.

Not using Magnet has reduced the issue to an acceptable inconvenience.

I’ve never seen/reproduced this issue, make it kind of hard to troubleshoot. Maybe it is related to Magnet, some other software, specific OS version? I need more details to try to track it down.

Over the course of the last year I’ve had a hard time “making it happen.”

It happens and then it’s too late to capture it.

This issue is not exclusive to Magnet.

Will try to document.


I’ve been able to partially reproduce the issue - without (first part of the video) and with the use of Magnet (later half).

You can see both left and right sides of the draft window are obscuring the text…

This video is a mild version of what I’ve experienced in the past…

The draft window must be big enough to account for the width of the text PLUS the workspace sidebar + Actions sidebar BEFORE invoking them. The issue occurs if the screen is not wide enough.

I hope it helps to track down this issue.

Screencast is here.

Sorry for not replying sooner. I unfortunately don’t know how to capture the screen (image or video) on a Mac. I’m not using Magnet. I do have Window Tidy installed, but that (to my knowledge) doesn’t automatically resize windows. I only use it to manually get a fullscreen like experience with the toolbars still visible.

What I have also noticed is that with the first Drafts window, when you pull up the sidebars (either one or both of the Draft lists and Draft lists filter) the text window adjusts wordwrap accordingly to show all the text. For second and subsequent windows, this behaviour does not occur. The text does not wrap to fit the size of the smaller window space. I can reproduce this specific behavioural quirk every time.

It shouldn’t make a difference, but I’m using a Japanese model Macbook Pro with an English language interface.

Finding out takes just a few seconds via your search engine of choice :man_shrugging:t2:

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It just happened aagin…

Opened 2nd window by double clicking a draft
Manually resized to laptop screen
Opened left and right pane with CMD 0 & CMD 1

Its the opening and closing of the left and right panes causing the issue…

Really wish we had “tabs” for additional windows… and or split screen!

And here I was using Quicktime to do screen recordings like a chump!!! Thanks for sharing that link!

@ sylumer
Thank you for the link.

You’re right, I should have been able to easily find that information. Perhaps in an ideal world I could have done so. However, when you have seriously failing eyesight and get stuck with sites* that default to specific languages based on your IP address without regard for your own fluency in said languages, it’s not always so easy.

*Like Apple’s and most search engines (which tend to ignore any language settings they may pretend to offer).