Search missing inside a draft?

I’m new to community, so please be kind. Not sure how to ask this question.
I feel stupid, because it seems like I’m probably just missing something, but here it is:
When I am working inside a draft, I want to be able to search for a string. In some of the tutorials, I can see a “magnifying glass” button on the toolbar, but my toolbar is missing this.
Can anyone please help figure out how to do text search inside a draft?

Hi, and welcome to the community!

You may be looking for this action, which I think is one of the actions that comes with the app, but I can’t recall for sure. It may have been inadvertently deleted.

This guide in the documentation talks about installing and using Actions:

And this one talks about the extended keyboard bar to which you can add Actions.

I hope that this is helpful, and again welcome to the community. It’s a great group of people and everyone is happy to pitch in with answers. If this didn’t answer your question, do not hesitate to follow up and someone (probably more knowledgeable than me) will be able to help.

Thanks for reply.

I am using Drafts4

I was not able to get “editor.showfind” to work. New in drafts5 maybe?

Yes, find and replace in a draft is a new feature of Drafts 5. Details.

Ok, thank you.
So to be clear, since I’m not looking to “replace” text, but in Drafts4, there is no feature to “search” or “find” text, when working within a specific draft?

Correct. There are some Drafts 4 actions it it’s directory that do some find type things, but it’s all pretty limited.