Search directory user?

Is it possible to search the action director by the creator? Meaning to search for all actions submitted by one user?

Search looks at the posted by field now. That was an update I have been meaning to push to the directory, just had not gotten around to it. Example

Note that since the directory is not an authenticated service, there is no guarantee those posted by fields are the same user.


I had posted to the effect below in a thread that has been deleted apparently: It would be great to have a comments field in the Action Directory with the possibility of subscribing to notifications (I believe this can be easily done with disqus or the like) and/or an option or requirement to create a forum post corresponding to a newly added public action. In other automation communities I’ve been involved in (Alfred, Editorial) these feedback mechanisms go a long way to allow troubleshooting, feature development etc.

I added comment threads in the Action Directory - which are embedded topics from this forum. That should work out for most use cases.

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