Scrolling issue

On Drafts for Mac 33.0.2 (145), scrolling gets “stuck” (impossible to scroll down) whenever I resize a window. (This doesn’t happen every time, and I can’t figure out what it is that makes a difference – but it happens a lot). This has been happening as long as I’ve been using Drafts. A workaround is click on a button (eg Toggle Display of Drafts List) that gets Drafts to resize the Draft itself, which seems to reset the scrolling.

Same as this posted yesterday?

Experiencing this too.

Unfreezes when you hit return.

Hopefully when you do the cursor is positioned in the last line and nothing critical gets disrupted.

This has been fixed in one of the more-recent betas. It was plaguing me for several months.

I’m still having this issue in v37.0.1 on Ventura.