Scripting action to retrieve a list of files

I’d appreciate having a function to get a list of files, eg in a Dropbox directory.

Either in the Dropbox object, or a more general Files object that can reach Dropbox.

I second this; I was just looking for this feature myself. I have an action that pulls up a prompt with a list of CSS files I can use to render a preview.

Right now, I am hard-coding the outlines and Dropbox paths into a Map(). It works great, but I hate to have to edit the script every time I add/delete/change the files.

One stopgap would be to have Drafts read a text file containing the file names/paths, and update that text file whenever the file system changes. You could do the updating with Hazel if you have a Mac that’s always on, or manually trigger it somehow, or use launchd, etc. Or IFTTT can do it with its Dropbox actions.

I’ve written a workflow similar to this for another purpose. You still have to run it by hand, but it’s still easier than editing a script every time.