Script working on iOS, but not Mac

I have a script that ends in the following:

var d = Draft.create();
d.content = project;

// Load Things Parser Action and Run
var parser = Action.find("Things Parser");
app.queueAction(parser, d);

project is a variable set up earlier in the script. On iOS, this works fine, Things Parser runs, and a template is created. On Mac, it fails. I can open the newly created draft and run Things Parser independently, and it works fine. Something is going wrong in the app.queAction step only on Mac.

Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong here?

What does “fails” mean? Do you get an error banner? Anything logged?

@agiletortoise, I will email support on this. The error has a lot of data from my template that I would rather not share out publicly on the message board, but I am ok emailing you.

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