Script Object for Email


I am not sure if this is possible. I want to do a bit of tweaking and send an email with results of my draft and a script. I want to be able to do:

<title> [[ttxt]] </title>
<p> From: blah@blah.blah </p>
<p> To: blah@blah.blah </p>
<p> Cc: blah@blah.blah </p>
<p> Subject: [[title]] </p>
<p> [[body]] </p>

Essentially setting subject to the title of the draft like normal but then allowing me to assign a value to the HTML title.

This would allow page titles to be set in one note which would be very useful. I don’t see this in the reference for the email object. Is this a no go?

I don’t know of any reason this would not work…what have you tried?

If the Mail action step is set to “Send as HTML”, it expects the body template to output HTML. This can include all that head content.

You should probably wrap the [[body]] tag like `%%[[body]]%%`` so it gets run through the Markdown processor and converted to HTML, but otherwise I think that should be OK.