Script: Markdown to Powerpoint (Python)

Hi @martinpacker,

about that script md2pptx (

Do you feed it from Drafts (on macOS per even on iOS)


Hi Andreas!

I have done that. A while back I set md2pptx up on a Raspberry Pi and created an SSH Shortcuts action to send the contents of a draft there.

(While I generally run md2pptx on my Mac - which also has Drafts installed - I can’t run it on an iOS/iPad OS device. Pythonista and Pyto can’t use the python-pptx package.)

One thing I’d like to explore is more Drafts actions to make the job easier. (The target might be as much the companion mdpre Markdown preprocessor as md2pptx and mdpre could run on iOS/iPad OS.)

One thing to note: Most of my presentations are heavy on pulled-in graphs and diagrams. So Drafts is not the natural starting point.

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Let’s explore it together. I read a Python 2 in a paragraph of the documentation.

First I should try to set it up on my devices.

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Yes please. See my reply to your issue.

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