Script access to read Reminders

I’m trying out using Drafts as my taskpaper home, and customizing some scripts for sending particular lines/tasks to Reminders for managing key tasks there.

There are already some great scripts for sending text in Drafts to Reminders as tasks. There’s also the ability to read the names of Reminders lists. I wonder if it could also be possible to read Reminders tasks themselves. For example, it would be great to have a pair of scripts that did this:

  1. Send line under cursor to Reminders as a task, using the [[title]] of the Draft to send to a Reminders list of the same name. Prepend a circle icon to the line in Drafts.

  2. Scan Reminders list (using the [[title]] of the Draft to determine the list) and add the @done tag to any line that was sent to Reminders and is now marked complete.

ReminderList objects have tasks, incompleteTasks and completeTasks properties which are arrays of their reminders. You can loop over those and read/modify reminders.

Details in the docs

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Oh, I see. I’m so guilty of only looking at the example to see what can be done!

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