Screencast: Building a Journal System in Drafts (feat. David Sparks)

Let David Sparks walk you through building a journal system in Drafts! Learn about using templates, workspaces, and more…


Is it possible to add a feature called ‘On This Day’ while doing a search for my old journal entries? So, for example since I’ve already written my journal for 31 March this year and I want to see all the journal entries for 31 March for all the past years since I started journaling, how can I do that?

Are you templating your journal entries?

If you are using a standard date format string in title, or similar, you can easily just search for a partial string. For example if all your journal entries have titles like Journal 2021-04-26, you can just search for “04-26” to to find all the entries for April 26.

Thanks, that was helpful. On a different note, I have several topics that I’m ‘Watching’ in this forum. Can I see all the topics that I’m ‘Watching’?

Search supports a variety of advanced filtering options. If you click the search icon in the toolbar of the forum, then “options” you get advanced search options, which let you search for things like what you are watching or have liked.

Here’s a direct link to an in:watching search.

Thanks, I’ll try that and make a note of the process as well.

Great Video David and Greg!

Please do not forget the new search icon feature. That is a game changer for me.