Scoped Tags Question

When scoped tags were introduced, I wanted to keep my tag structure very simple. I used ::foo and ::bar instead of scope::foo and scope::bar, leaving off the initial part of the scope.

Somewhere along the line the ability to do this was fixed/removed and if you try to use ::foo now, it gets changed to foo.

But (!) if you use status/::foo and status/::bar—if you nest the scoped tag without the initial scope—it works fine. You get ::foo and ::bar nested under status.

My question is, before I go down this path, is it a feature or a bug? Will it remain possible to use scope/::foo, or will it get fixed/removed as well? I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other—I just wanted to ask the question.


It’s a good question.

I would tend to recommend having at least one leading character, as it’s possible that will be made illegal in the future – the main reason being there’s a reasonable chance I’ll consider allowing display/browsing of tags to treat scoped tags similarly to nested tags, with the ability expand/collapse them in an outline display – and that would require including a leading character.


Perfect! Like I said, one way or the other, I just want to future-proof my system so to speak. Thanks for the speedy reply.