Scheduled dark mode?

Currently the auto dark mode can only be set based on the brightness of the environment. However the threshold is hard to set and the brightness is not reliable, e.g. it’s affected by hand positions.

Could we have a scheduled dark mode as well? Just like what telegram do, based off of location and sun-rise time.


I get this seems good in principle, but I must admit I don’t think this one works well from a more practical angle. Time of day is a pretty poor indicator of the lighting conditions around you these days, and it would not be very efficient to base it on location/sunrise-set.

It takes time to determine that information when the app launches and you would likely end up auto-switching rather jarringly 4-5 seconds after launch when location could be determined, and web-services contacted to determine sun times, etc.

More importantly, however, I think it’s likely Dark Mode is coming in iOS 13, if rumors hold true, and then it will make sense to tie auto-switching to whatever mechanism Apple provides at the system level, not build something custom.

Well, at least a scheduled dark mode with custom start-end time works in this case.

Not everyone is using dark mode only for light environment conditions, some just expect it to be dark at night, whatever light conditions. And this behavior is much more predictable than solely light conditions.

Anyway, if iOS 13 provides similar thing at system level, then just follow the system is good enough though.