Saving Tweet from Tweetbot to Draft


Probably an extremely basic question: when I am saving a Tweet from Tweetbot, either using “Drafts Quick Capture” or directly the Draft icon in the Share Sheet on iOS, I get a Twitter URL in my Draft. How would I go to convert that Twitter URL in the content of the Tweet using a Draft Action (I presume) so that I can further exploit it from there…


I created an action for you that when run will replace a selected Twitter URL with the content of the tweet it refers to. You can expand on the action to find the first Twitter URL in a draft (or all), or assume it is the whole draft, etc. But I figured procesing the current selection would give you the safest starting point.

FWIW, I also included a line in the script to save a version, so you can always revert to the previous version if you get an unintended update.

Hope that helps.