Saving location to file

Hello, I am new to Drafts and not sure where to go to find what I am looking for. I would like to quickly save my current location from my iPhone (and possibly Apple Watch) using Drafts and save it, along with the date and time to a file (either Dropbox or iCloud). Also, save an optional comment. Basically use it like a life log / record of where and when I have been to a place I want to remember. Is Drafts something that can do this for me? I am confused if I should be looking at actions or scripts or both to accomplish this. Thanks!

You can use actions. Unfortunately for some reason I can’t search the action directory.

Here’s a variant which creates a kml:

and here’s the original I based that on:

This is definitely something Drafts is well-suited to helping you with…I would say a few things:

First, you can just use Drafts for this by opening the app and typing your comment without further action. Drafts are always stored with location (assuming you have granted location permissions) and timestamps for creation date/time, etc.

If you want them exported to file, then you can create an action to create the file. Drafts has action steps for most of the popular file services - like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive. These action steps can be configured to control the folder, filename and content in the file that is created when they are run (or, alternately append/prepend to existing files, if you would rather keep a running journal in a single file).

You can start by editing/duplicating one of the example actions for these services which ship with the app in the “Basic” action group, and modify it to suit your needs. Content, filename and other fields are configured using templates which combine text with template tags provided by Drafts to insert information when the action is run. The using templates article is a great place to get familiar with template and how you would use them to insert location, date or other information in the file you export.