Save to Google Doc: How do I get the link?

Using the Save as Google Doc action, is there a way to get a link to the newly-created document?

For example, after running Save as Google Doc, it could be handy to set the clipboard text to the link. That’s how Zoom (optionally) do it when you create a new meeting and I think it works well!


Ah, it looks like Notion-Create page opens the newly-created Notion page in the default browser, which is also good!

I am comparing the Notion-Create page and Save as Google Doc actions to see if there’s something I can adapt from Notion-Create page, but there’s nothing to indicate the action opens the page.

Did I understand right? It’s the built-in service that opens the browser.

There’s not currently a way to get the URL of the resulting doc. It would be a good addition, will think about it.