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Most of the accounts I follow on Instagram are food-related (foraging, fermentation, bread/baking… that sort of thing) and I like to save posts with useful information, recipes, or ideas for future reference. Instagram’s search is pretty awful, and bookmarking posts isn’t all that helpful in this regard. Plus posts sometimes get deleted. So I created an Action that grabs the JSON data for any Instagram post URLs (*) found in the current selection/draft and creates a new draft for each one found (note that this only works for non-Private Accounts). You can edit the script to modify how the new drafts are formatted and set a few options, including whether or not it copies tags from the original draft.

How I use the Action:

  1. In Instagram, tap the “…” button for a post I want to save
  2. Tap “Share to…”
  3. Tap “Drafts”
  4. Add tags (“instagram” and “fermentation”, for example)
  5. Tap “Save”

Then when I’m triaging my Drafts inbox, I simply run the “Save Instagram Posts” Action against any of the posts I’ve saved. You can also run the Action against a list of Instagram post URLs, and it will handle all of them.

Hopefully someone else finds this useful. Cheers.


I assume all you care about is the text - not the images?

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The Action actually pulls the Instagram-hosted URLs for the image(s) and uses them to insert the image(s) via Markdown. Obviously, if the post gets pulled or Instagram changes the image path and doesn’t do a redirect, those will break. I think the next version of the Action will include the option to download the image(s) to Dropbox or whatnot, so they’re never lost (this is what I was doing with an iOS Shortcut and Bear, only saving the image locally into the note because Bear supports that sort of thing).

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Interesting. I love Markdown but also often a need to occasionally embed images in a document. I’m thinking about options for doing both.

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It is quite useful action. I have been used this action well for long time before update. but after this update, I found error message that I cannot fix by myself.

Script Error: ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: requestUrl
Line number: 241, Column 19

When I delete requestUrl variable on line241, another error: Unable to retrieve data for post, reel, or tv URL.

Could you please give a tip to fix? otherwise, can you share old version?

Are you still experiencing this issue? Sorry for the delayed reply—it’s been a while since I’ve visited the forums.