Safari Reader Mode and Web Capture


I use Safari in reader mode a lot. I can’t get the Drafts Share Extension to capture the selected text if Safari is in Reader Mode. It just captures the URL to the page, not the URL + the selected text. If I turn off the Reader Mode in Safari and select the same piece of text, then the Share Extension will capture both as expected.

Anyone know if this is a limitation with Safari, a bug in my setup or a bug in Drafts?

(Sorry if this has been asked already, but I couldn’t find anything in the searches I did)

I think that’s a constraint when Safari is in Reader mode. I can definitely confirm I get the same behaviour as you on iOS.

A bit technically obscure, but the way Share extensions work in Safari, they have the ability to inject a little Javascript in the page to query the DOM of the page and extract results - like the selected text. No similar functionality is offered for Reader Mode - so essentially Safari is still executing the Javascript against the original page, not the Reader Mode representation of the page…and, thus, returning no selection.

Thanks, I had a suspicion this might be a limitation in Safari. It makes sense the way you describe it.

Thanks to @sylumer for his response too. I’ve had issues before that seemed like bugs but which turned out to be specific to my setup. Good to know if others can reproduce the issue.