Running Siri Shortcuts hidden

I’ve created a couple of Siri shortcuts of my actions so that I can activate them via Siri. If possible I would like to run these so they don’t show when running.

In the Shortcuts app there’s a ‘View: -Blank_’ action that has a ‘Show when run’ option but if I include this it generates an ‘Unknown Error’ message.

I created my shortcuts from within Drafts but they are also visible to the Shortcuts app too.

It is not possible to run action shortcuts in the background. The whole thing is a bit confusing, but there are different kinds of shortcuts. Only those implemented as Siri custom intents can be run in the background - and it’s very limited what you can do with those. They cannot accept input, or pass output out, etc.

Is that why the ‘View: -Blank-’ action fails even though it’s got an option not to show?

Using the Shortcuts app I suspect if I could precede the action I want with one that does nothing and is hidden (the way I can set an alarm without needing to run the Clock app) the whole workflow would run hidden.

“View: -Blank-” should not be there. Likely a bug, will look into it. It likely fails because it’s trying to show a draft that does not exist. You cannot run Drafts actions in the background.