Run Action Before/After all Actions in Action Group (Setup and Teardown, effectively)

Howdy! Longtime Drafts user - though this week was the first week I started getting somewhat fancy with it. This led to a request I thought I would throw out there:

it would be great if, in the “Advanced” section of Action Groups, you could specify an action to always run before all actions in the Action Group, and similarly one to run after all actions.

tl;dr use case: setting up an environment with tags/functions/variables to be accessed by all actions in the tag group

I have been creating actions in a somewhat abstracted manner, mostly consisting of three parts:

  1. An environment setup Action, which (as noted above) just does a bunch of creation of general tags/functions/variables in a script that are used across most of my actions (e.g., “GrootEnv”)
  2. A second action that is specified elsewhere that is the meat of what I want to do (e.g. “Ulysses New Page”)
  3. the actual Action I want, which uses the first two plus a specific naming convention to do what I want (e.g., “ulysses: Inbox [sparkfile]” - which ends up putting a draft into the Inbox Group in Ulysses with the tag ‘sparkfile’)

I have a bunch of different actions to different services in the Action Group - but all of them always run step #1. Right now that means setting up two step actions for each of them. It would be great to be able to just specify that for the whole Action group, and only have to specify step #2 and the name.

Two other kind of minor related feature requests:

  1. It also would be nice if it was possible to edit action names directly in the Action Group list rather than having to open the editor (e.g., by clicking on the name)

  2. In the “Include Action” Step - it would be very nice if the included Action name appeared (it does not presently, at least on MacOS - it just looks like this:
    Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 7.24.15 PM

Herein endeth the feature request. Thanks!


The action name not appearing is a bug, will be fixed in next update.

Thanks for the other ideas, will consider them.