Retrieving API Response Data from the Native Twitter Action Step

This has been on my mind for a while… I expect it’s going to be a relatively short ride.

Basically, I was wondering if I could achieve the goal of retrieving the Tweet URL from the Twitter API response in an action from Drafts’ native Twitter action step rather than having to re-script from scratch a scripting action step calling the API.

In other words, is the native Twitter action step capable of passing on any API responses?

The goal I have in mind is simply to add an action step(s) to my “Tweet Selection” action that copies the URL to the successfully-posted Tweet.


That data is not currently available via the action step.

But scripting it is not an onerous task, the example on the Twitter object docs is only two lines to post a tweet:

// create twitter object
var twitter = Twitter.create();
// post tweet
var success = twitter.updateStatus(draft.content);

Of course it didn’t occur to me to just use your existing credential identifier! Shoot those are handy hehe.

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