Retrieve deleted action

Moving the order of actions in the Basic group and accidentally deleted Send to DevonThink. How do I get it back? Or what are the steps for me to recreate it? Help!

You could just reinstall from the Action Directory I would think.

Yep. I figured that out about 5 minutes after I posted my question.

And welcome @JaxGirl! I gather you’re new here.

I you are using own or modified actions, you can pull a backup version from the Drafts Action Backup.

You should check in the main settings under Storage / Backup / Actions how the schedule is set up.

I keep it on a daily schedule.

The Backups will be found in your Drafts folder in iCloud Drive under Drafts / Backups / Action Group / {Date of Backup}

Select one action in the Files App and share it to the Drafts app.


Building on that has anyone tried to look inside such a backup action file, let alone update it?

I think that they are all action groups, so you would have to restore the whole group and then retrieve individual actions (or replace the existing group if no other interim modifications), wouldn’t you?

I think I’ve looked previously to see if I could process them for documentation purposes and they looked to be binary files, so then took to processing the installation URL version instead. Though I now use a combination of that and the JavaScript objects to access action group and action information for generation of documentation. But on that basis, I think you would always want to be loading those files into Drafts, working with the results, and then generating new files to export.

Totally true.
Only Action Groups and they are (sadly) a binary format.

Thanks for this! No idea how it happened, but I lost a bunch of custom actions a few days ago; but with your advice, I was able to recover a bunch of work I thought I was going to have to develop again from scratch!

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