Request: Show Action in List

Viewing results of “Search Actions”, add option (via contextual menu or long press) to “show action in list” for a given action. This shows you the list scrolled so that the specified Action is centered and highlighted.

Use case: an action is buried somewhere in my Actions list, and I want to, say, move it up to the top of the list. So I search for it, find it…but I still don’t know where it is in the list. So I angrily retire the search results and go back to tediously scrolling/looking.

It’s the same problem as app searching in iOS. Spotlight will help you launch a found app, but won’t show you where it lives in the UI.

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To be fair, Spotlight does display the folder within which an app is stored. That’s not the same as pinpointing it in the UI, but it’s close.

As far as Drafts goes, a recent Drafts beta released with an update that makes it easier to locate actions in their lists from a search. Again, it’s not the highlighting you asked for, but you should still find it useful.

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A great extra thing that could piggyback on this:

When we add an action from Actions Directory, maybe we could be shown that action in its list position (so we can easily edit it, rename it, raise/lower it in the list, etc).

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Fair point. Installed actions are always added to the end of the list you select, but if you select a list that isn’t currently active, you currently have to select and scroll after installation. I wonder if it’s possible to at least make the selected list active upon installation?

Yeah, I realize they go to bottom. But, still, if Drafts ever learns to scroll to a certain list resident (and highlight) to allow a “show action in list” option (which lesser apps provide…though I won’t love Drafts less if it doesn’t), then I’d imagine the same function could auto-scroll (and highlight) for greater convenience post-install.

Drafts appeals to the efficiency-minded, so any additional efficiency in the app’s internal workings would surely be appreciated…