Repeat/loop email creation with recipient iterated each time from a list within Drafts

I wonder if anyone has an action knocking around that would do the following?

For any given draft, send an email (HTML converted) to a recipient whose email address is listed in a separate draft. The process continues, sending individual emails, until all email addresses listed in the reference draft have been acted upon.

I suppose in essence, it would be similar to the action below, but instead of sending a single, group email, it sends a series of individual emails.


I wrote that action. Can you explain exactly what you want to achieve? Is it sending the same text to each recipient or different?

The action already supports putting all email addresses in the BCC field (it actually defaults to this). Doing this does send individual emails.


Hi Dave. Thanks for the reply. I should have tagged you initially. Will work out how to do that at some point:-)

I’ve run your action and it’s great. The only thing I was looking to avoid was not using the Bcc field so the recipient doesn’t get “undisclosed recipients,” on their side. Just a minor point, but I would ideally like to have a list of multiple email addresses, and then the action uses the “To:” field for each one. So same text to each recipient, but it sends multiple emails on a 1-2-1 basis, opposed to “catch all” emails using the bcc.

Does that make sense?


That is possible, but there’s a complication. The action would need to loop for each email and, because iOS won’t let Drafts send standard emails without user intervention, you’d have to click send for each one. I didn’t want to have to do that, hence my use of BCC, which allows them all to be sent in one go.

Drafts does allow you to send emails in the background, but these will all show as being sent from Greg’s special drafts email address, not as your address. I suspect that this isn’t what you’d want.


Yes, understand the use of Bcc and how it results in one “send” opposed to multiple. I’m OK with the multiple clicks in this particular use case if it means they get addressed individually; it’s still quicker than manually doing it.

Thanks for your help anyway.

I’m a bit tied up with work at the moment, but I’ll make a note and if I get some time I’ll see if I can create a version that does what you want.


Don’t go to any trouble. I can live without it.

I would find this useful as well. Being able to insert the recipient’s name (e.g., Dear Dave,) would be a nice enhancement as well. I actually like that I’d need to hit send on each one so I could potential customize each before sending, if desired. TIA

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