Renaming nested tags adds new tag

When I rename the parent of nested tags, it does not rename the old tag. Instead it adds a new tag. I am doing this in the sidebar by right-clicking on macOS Catalina, version 44.0.

Parent/level1/level2 remains and it instead adds a new tag with RevisedParent

I ran into this as well. You have to rename the tags starting with the child, not the parent. For example, if you have “Foo/Bar” and “Foo/Baz” and you want to change “Foo” to “Waffles”, you have to rename “Foo/Bar” to “Waffles/Bar” and “Foo/Baz” to “Waffles/Baz”. You can’t just change “Foo” to “Waffles”. Edit: In a way, this makes sense—tags aren’t folders, even when you nest them.

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@garbonsai’s description is accurate. Nested tags are a way to visualize tags, not actually anything structural. If you assign tag a/b it is literally that. One tag named a/b - not a separate parent tag and a child tag logically. So you need to rename any instances of each tag if you are trying to rebuild the hierarchy.

An action could be written to do this…it would be a good example to have out there. Don’t have time to do it right now, but will see what I can do later this week.

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Thanks, that helps me understand much better. I like folders a lot so I think of my nested tags as folders and my single tags as descriptors but, of course, they’re actually the same thing!

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