Removing empty lines or blank lines

Several tools I use like Clean Text have actions that they refer to as “removing empty lines”, so that is what I was searching for here and in the Action Directory.

However, I did stumble across two actions that were for removing “blank lines.” Figured I would post here in case someone else doesn’t think of the alternative :laughing:

Single action: Remove blank lines

3 in 1: Draft Modifier

  • Remove Blank Lines
  • Remove Duplicate Lines
  • Split Draft at Cursor

For what it’s worth, the ThoughtAsylum - Writing action group has the following actions in it that deal with lines that could be described as “empty”.

TAD-Remove Blank Lines

Remove any blank lines from the draft. Blank lines may have no content or they may have whitespace only.

TAD-Remove Empty Lines

Remove any empty lines from the draft. Empty lines may have no content, whitespace counts as content.

TAD-Compress Spaces and Lines

Compress multiple spaces, blank lines and empty lines.

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We’re not still supposed to be socially distancing our lines? :blush: