Remove Markdown "# " From [[title]]

I am using Drafts to store the background collateral/data for Things projects. I’d like be able to create a new project with Things, and in the note, have a link back to my draft. So far, so good, I’ve managed to build that, and found some examples in the directory as well.

Now the twist. I do 90% of my drafts in Markdown, so the first line of a draft may be

Plan to Take Over the World

When I create the project in Things, I’d like, rather than just using the [[title]] token to name the project:

Plan to Take Over the World

removing the "# ". Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

There are a variety of available tags. I think you are looking for [[display_title]], which is the trimmed version of the first line, like what appears in the draft list. See reference for options:

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That was exactly it. Dang, and I thought I had done the RTFM thing. So many cool features to little bourbon to sip while reading through them.