Remove -[ ] before sending to things?

I’m using the great action by @nahumckProcess Meeting Notes

The action identifies - [ ] in a Draft and sends that line to Things.

- [ ] Buy milk

But it includes “- [ ]” in Things.

Is there a way to remove “- [ ]” so Things receives clean text, like so:

Buy milk

Many thanks…

in the Script Action Step for Things you will find the line
var title = line.replace("->","")

add a new line below it with title = title.replace("- [ ]","")

then it should do what you want to achieve :slight_smile:

The Script Step loops through all lines of the current draft and if the line includes “- [ ]” it will create a todo in Things. the title variable is then used as the title of the task. with the line i suggested above you are replacing the text “- [ ]” with an empty string.

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Works perfectly, thank you! :boom:

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