Reminders - Groceries Sub Lists

I use this Reminder action often to add items I need to get at the store.

In the Reminders app now, Apple created the Groceries list and it also enabled the ability to create sections within the Groceries reminder list. As with many folks, we go shopping at Target, Costco, and the general supermarket. As such, I have sub lists in my Groceries list for each store as noted.

So my question is, is there a way with the above action, or a different action, to target one of the sub-lists within the ‘master’ Groceries list. So, for example, I could add an item specifically to Groceries > Costco or Groceries > Target ?

Sadly, Apple has not provided APIs to access most of the new features they have added in Reminders and Notes in the last couple of releases. This includes sections, tags, etc.

I believe Shortcuts can set tags on Reminders, but they also have no access to Section assignments, to the best of my knowledge.

Got it. That’s a bummer but hopefully it is something they will make available sometime soon.

You could consider a shared folder with a list for each store and then look at updating each store’s list.

Yeah. Considered that option but that kinda defeats the point of the Groceries list/capabilities Apple enabled. :grinning:

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