RegEx Factory – Preview and run Multiple RegEx

Preview and run Multiple RegEx, and save them as named groups.

  • Save RegEx group expressions for future use (automatic save when run/preview)
  • Each RegEx group can have one or more pairs of find and replace patterns.
  • Generate JS script action with selected RegEx Grup as a new draft in Inbox :slight_smile:

Just got a chance to try this out. Great job! It’s really powerful.

Thank you, and same to you @agiletortoise,

I’m discovering how powerful and flexible Drafts Scripting really is, even more so after it’s working on macOS as well.

Used to code in Python, so resisted JS for a while due to all { } ( ) ;

So went a bit overboard lately and made/improved (hopefully) an action group (based on @nahumck’s ) for easier indenting, commenting, skeleton code insertion, run code from editor, etc.

JS Scripting - Action Group

Just to make it easier to code and debug JS, specially from iPad onscreen keyboard. Now I don’t hate JS anymore :wink:

Hope you all like it :slight_smile:


New version of RegEx Factory:

RegEx Factory v.1.2

  • New menu item for easy test and addition of new patterns to groups,
    now with RegEx switches included in text.
  • Reorganized the menus slightly.
  • Cleaned up code and added more comments.
  • New default RegEx group sample (if no existing ‘RegExGroups.txt’ file)

Hope that’s some improvement, I wasn’t entirely happy with first version.

@agiletortoise @luhmann


And thanks for 1.3. What does 1.3 have over 1.2?


  • New: Output to new draft or clipboard.
  • New: Edit All menu, to delete or edit groups.

And 1.4 coming soon:
Run on selected text (or on whole draft if no selection, as today)

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