Reflection: Not Stack-Overflow

A misunderstanding yesterday brought me to this small reflection.

My opinion is that this Forum is NOT a simple question-answer-forum like Stack-Overflow.

Every entry might spawn new side topics and maybe even hard cross talk to topics we love in a single thread.

If this startles you feel free to contact the authors in a direct message or in a reply.

But please keep it friendly and open. We have so many users that share and contribute and I would love to keep it that way.

To avoid cross talk please state your issue as a clearly as possible and maybe even add a title prefix like ‘Help:’

You are free to address the developers or other users directly to channel the kind of answer you get.

User profiles and post are a good place tho check for good partners for a narrow and specific discussion.

Hope we make this a place where everybody can contribute and get the value she or he is looking for.


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I’m as guilty as any of the “side topics” or, as I call them "tangential topics”.

If this offends I hope people will let me know.

(Inside IBM we had the equivalent to this forum 35 years ago - and it was part of our culture to go off on, hopefully useful or interesting, side topics. Old habits die hard, and some don’t need to die at all.) :slight_smile:

I’d also echo the “be kind” / “be civil” message. I think this place generally is that.


I would say that this is one of the things I love here in this forum.