Reference documentation for parameters in actions?


So today I decided to go for Drafts Pro and support the development of the iOS App and the Mac App.

The get more out of Drafts Pro I really want to get some knowledge in using and programming actions. I am not really proficient in programming, only did Basic on my Commodore 128D loooong ago, nothing more.

I started tinkering with existing actions in the directory and modified them. One of the actions was Log Time from of the action directory. With [[date|%-m/%-d/%y %-l:%M %p]]:
you get the date in the format: 6/18/18 10:32 AM: I did not like this format and changed it to [[date|%-Y_%-m_%d]] to get it in the format 2018_6_18.

But my point is I used trial and error and had no idea what to change to get my desired result. Is there somewhere a directory where I can look through these parameters and check what each one stands for? I only found the documentation of the URL commands on, but the “date” parameter is not listed there. Is there a directory which shows me all the possibilities I have with the “date” parameter, or others?

Are these iOS specific parameters I can look up somewhere at Apple?

Thanks for reading!

There’s a passing reference in the date/time documentation here to strftime (string format time I think it stands for).

You can find out the detail for the parameters at

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I tried to figure that out, too, but decided I didn’t have time to devote to learning it. Instead, I made an action to insert a Textexpander snippet that I have used forever. I am always date/time stamping observations of students in our professional kitchen with an iPad Pro and pencil, so don’t have time actually type out the snippet. Good luck!


Thank you very much! This is a great reference for the date parameter.

The Templates and Tags Site on getdrafts is very helpful too, I somehow „overlooked“ it. Are there more Templates than those listed?

The rest of the magic is done with JavaScript I think?

Greg may have more plannned in the pipeline, but he’s great at keeping the documentation up to date (including on the betas!). That page should cover all of the templates, but if you have ideas for additional ones you can always post them in the feature requests section on this forum.

As for the magc, I thik it’s sprinkled throughout Drafts. The Javascript is very powerful for doing more with Drafts and it’s kind of like getting a peek behind the curtain. Greg is continually building in new objects on the Javascript side so I’d recommend keepin an eye out for stuff in there in each update.

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