Reduce number of CSV export fields?

Hi. Very new to Drafts. I’m hoping I can use it to record quick post-meeting notes on my Apple Watch, then export those notes (with tags by client) to Excel. But, I don’t need all the fields. Is there a way to remove some of the fields prior to Export from iOS?

Thank you.


Drafts can pretty much do anything you like with text processing; and a bit of effort.

Depending upon whether is is just comma separation, or comma separation with double quote field delimiters, you should be able to read and split (JavaScript string function) each line by either , or "," and then process out the extraneous fields (only use the array entries from the split that you want … you can push (another JavaScript function) them into a new array for example), tidy-up any double quotes that you may have at the ends of the array and that will probably get you most if not all of the way there.

What isn’t clear is exactly how you are ending up with CSV format information and client tags from an Apple Watch dictation. I’m assuming this is something you are manually doing. But it may be that there’s something in your operation here that could simplify or change how you are doing things, so it might be worth sharing an example of a draft and a desired output.

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