Recommended Starting CSS for drafts markdown

Is there an example recommended starting CSS document for use in Drafts Markdown and Templates? It would be a great time saver and help to have a starting CSS document that can be copied and modified without re inventing the wheel.



The three (Basic, Swiss and Foghorn) preview templates which ship with the app are all reasonable starting points.

Any example Markdown templates you can find on the web can be used in Drafts as well, it’s mostly a matter of pasting in the template of an HTMLPreview action step and placing %%[[draft]]%% where you want the rendered Markdown to be inserted. There are a number of projects (example) on GitHub and elsewhere with sample templates that might also be good starting points.

Note that it’s often a good idea to create a template based on your own site and it’s CSS if you are generally publishing to a specific blog. This can usually be done by viewing source on a page on your site, and just removing the content portions of the HTML and inserting the %%[[draft]]%% in their place, as mentioned above.