Recommendations for getting email into Drafts app

Currently I use Airmail. But over the last year their service has become almost nonexistent. I do like the app but I am willing to change two Apple Mail if need be.

With either of these programs what I’m looking for is the easiest way possible to get an email into the Drafts app.

Copy and paste is one way but it seems like it is less than what I wish it would be. Is there another way?

You can use drag and drop (also on iOS) to add a link to an email into a draft.
Simply drag hold the email shortly and starts dragging it. It should appear at your finger. Than just open Drafts and drop the email into a new / existing draft.

This will result in a markdown link to the original email.

I also use an apple script on macOS which I can share if you like :slight_smile:

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I just tried that with Airmail, and it works. It puts a link into drafts. I can’t click it for some reason but it is there. How would I click it to be able to get back to the email?

What I really wish is if I could go the other way around. I’d like to take the content of the email and put it into a draft.

You have to enable the link mode in drafts editor to make those links clickable.

With airmail I think there are custom actions you can create - but drag and drop also works for the native mail app.

I never put the content of emails into draft This is also more complicated in general since a lot of emails are html formatted - what do you want to see in drafts? Just the text? - I think the straight forward solution would be to copy selected text from an email into a draft.

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