Rebuilding Drafts - a case study

I’ve been a user/owner/subscriber to Drafts since the early days of it as a standalone app.

Over the past year, I fell out of love with the app.

I’ve written a blog post about how I have rekindled my affection for Drafts, by simplifying and putting actual use before good intentions.

I thought others might enjoy it.


The perfect is indeed the enemy of the good.

I have a slightly different problem wherein I feel that I dumped too many things and too often into Drafts, such that, I have a tons of information here and there and I just don’t know what to do with it. I need time to clear them out. Or, I just need to use my brain and remember things better, as compare to just brain dumping it into Drafts.

I wrote an action called “Make Work Fun” for similar reasons. You can find it in the directory. Basically what it does is takes the current draft, selects a word at random (it can be configured to exclude common/certain words), and finds all other flagged drafts that contain the same word. Then it creates a temporary workspace so you can process those drafts. I found I get bored looking a dozens of drafts that are all tagged, say, “fermentation”, and wanted something to mix things up and keep them interesting.


I’m facing the save issue now and an trying to figure out the best way to start over. I’m tempted to just delete the app on all my devices And reinstall brand new. Is that what you did? Any thoughts about ‘nuking and paving?’

I just went through and deleted all the actions I didn’t want, one by one. Kept the ones I did want, and then created a basic set of organisation at the end of it all.

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