Rebuilding Drafts - a case study

I’ve been a user/owner/subscriber to Drafts since the early days of it as a standalone app.

Over the past year, I fell out of love with the app.

I’ve written a blog post about how I have rekindled my affection for Drafts, by simplifying and putting actual use before good intentions.

I thought others might enjoy it.


The perfect is indeed the enemy of the good.

I have a slightly different problem wherein I feel that I dumped too many things and too often into Drafts, such that, I have a tons of information here and there and I just don’t know what to do with it. I need time to clear them out. Or, I just need to use my brain and remember things better, as compare to just brain dumping it into Drafts.

I wrote an action called “Make Work Fun” for similar reasons. You can find it in the directory. Basically what it does is takes the current draft, selects a word at random (it can be configured to exclude common/certain words), and finds all other flagged drafts that contain the same word. Then it creates a temporary workspace so you can process those drafts. I found I get bored looking a dozens of drafts that are all tagged, say, “fermentation”, and wanted something to mix things up and keep them interesting.