Read only action

Hi guys,

Trying to migrate to full time Drafts, I’d love to see a read only action so the draft switch to read only and, even better, remove the actions and various UI elements so I get only the text (until switching to read write mode). I’m pretty sure it has been requested before but I can’t find the appropriate action…

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Do you mean something like what you get when you minimize the keyboard?

Or something like any of the html preview actions?

Not clear what you’re looking for…

Have you taken a look at Link Mode?

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Minimise the keyboard is a start. But I’d need that even if I highlight something it doesn’t bring the keyboard back. And less UI elements would be great

I’ve read the user guide but it didn’t explain the exact impact of link mode. After experimenting it looks like it’s a lot more than just highlighting the links. Thanks a lot

Anyway to reduce the UI clutter?

Not without switching to a preview, but then the “chrome” for that would reduce the space for text. Removing the UI controls would only expose two lines of text at most. Is that significant for you? Also, you would still need a way to get out of such a mode.

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I don’t need more text. Just want less UI clutter. Yes I need a minimum to get out of this mode. Let me play with the preview mode. Thank you :pray:t2:

There are a bunch of options in the editor settings (the little Aa in the lower left corner) that can reduce how much you see as well.