Quit menu inactive, can't quit

Often, but not always, the Quit menu (macOS) is inactive and I can’t quit the app without force quitting it via the Activity Monitor app.

I’m running the latest version on macOS Monterey 12.5 beta (but it was happening with the 12.4 release version too).

Hmm, that’s not one I have ever seen or heard of…not sure what to suggest. I’m not aware of anything the app ever does to intentionally disable Quit.

No clue as to what precedes the app getting in this state? Related to any particular activity in the app, or certain window being open, etc.?

Could here be a modal dialog up that somehow is obscured?

I checked for that. Not modals, anywhere…

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I have been experiencing this issue also - first noticed it about a week ago but it is happening consistently.

I can force quit, but the menu bar option is greyed out.

Same issue here, running version 32.2 on a macbook pro M1 with OS Monterey. Any solutions?

@agiletortoise, I couldn’t find the solution by following the link you provided.

I’ve not had this occur so far.

When this does occur:

  1. Is the app still responsive? Still type in it, create new Drafts, etc.
  2. Are there any other menu items greyed out that you would not expect to be.
  3. How many windows are open? As @martinpacker noted, the most common cause is a dialog in the background.
  4. What does Activity Monitor show for Drafts when this occurs? Make sure to include the preventing sleep option and sudden termination too for good measure along with the CPU stats.