Quickly cleaning out my drafts Inbox

I’ve ended up with a ridiculous number of Drafts stacked up in my inbox. But one reason is that it’s hard to quickly sort. If I send one off to trash or archive on the keyboard it requires another mouse click / tap to open the next draft. I’d love a way to just process the way I do my email inbox so my hands never leave the keyboard.

Here’s hoping there’s already a way and I just missed it.

This action by Greg may be of help…


You want Focus mode. When enabled, the next draft is loaded after an action archives or trashes a draft.

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Thanks, that’s very useful.

One thing though, when new draft is loaded (after delete or archive in focus mode), the new list item in draft-list (inbox or archive) does not get focus/highlited.

Also looks like you have to move cursor into editor for this to work on Mac.
If your focus is in draft list (inbox or archive), shortcut ( ⇧⌘A, ⇧⌘I or Del) only works on first item. (With editor in focus (and focus mode), you can continue as you described.

Drafts 19.1.4

Focus mode is indeed a huge help. The confusion I’m still having is that when I archive or trash a draft it defaults back to the last draft I edited. I think that’s what I’m seeing.

The result is some mental disorder. Let’s say I’m working through drafts that are three months old. I delete one I don’t want. Now I’m looking at today’s draft at the top of my inbox. Basically anytime I plan to keep the first draft in my inbox it means manually reloading each draft.

The UI behavior I more expect is what happens when deleting emails. If I’m working through old content and delete one I’m now immediately looking at the previous email in the list. So I can start sorting from any place in the entire inbox and keep track of where I’m at.

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That is a bug. Was not aware it was doing that…must have been a regression at some point. Will investigate.

Just an update for future readers that this was fixed in 20 and is working great. Thanks!

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Just a note here that focus mode somehow got broken on the Mac OS side. When I am in focus mode and delete a draft it does not automatically go to the next draft. iPad OS is working fabulously though. Thanks!